Rabbit Products

  • Rabbit heart

    Rabbit heart

    Rabbit meat is a meat with rich protein content and high nutritional value, which has many benefits for the health of dogs. First of all, rabbit meat is rich in high-quality protein, which helps dogs develop muscles and maintain good health. Secondly, rabbit meat contains unsaturated fatty acids, which have a protective effect on the dog’s skin and hair, and also help to promote the dog’s immunity and physical development. In addition, rabbit meat is also rich in minerals such as zinc and iron and nutrients such as vitamin B6, which also has a good effect on improving the physiological health and immune function of dogs.

  • Rabbit meat sliced with knife

    Rabbit meat sliced with knife

    Rabbit Chips is a healthy, natural dog food that offers the following benefits:

    1. High protein: Rabbit sliced ​​meat is a high protein food, which is very important for the dog’s physical development and maintenance of healthy muscles and bones.

    2. Low fat: Compared with other red meats, the fat content of rabbit sliced ​​meat is very low. This low-fat property is more suitable for dogs who need to control their weight or have obesity problems.

    3. Rich in nutrients: Sliced ​​rabbit meat is rich in nutrients such as iron, minerals and vitamin B6, which can provide dogs with a balanced and comprehensive nutritional supplement.

  • Rabbit meat round slice

    Rabbit meat round slice

    1. High protein: Rabbit meatball slices are a very high protein food, which is essential for the health and growth of dogs.

    2. Low in fat: Compared with other red meats, the fat content of rabbit meat round slices is very low, which can meet the needs of dogs who need low-fat food.

    3. Easy to digest: Rabbit round slices are an easy-to-digest food, suitable for dogs with sensitive digestive system.

    4. Contains a variety of nutrients: Rabbit meat round slices are not only rich in high protein, but also rich in vitamin B and minerals, such as iron, magnesium and potassium, etc., which are very important for the health of dogs.

    5. Suitable for sensitive dogs: Rabbit round slices are a hypoallergenic food, so they are suitable for dogs who are allergic or prone to allergies to other meat sources. In conclusion, rabbit meatball slices are a healthy, nutritious dog food.

  • Freeze-dried rabbit patty

    Freeze-dried rabbit patty

    1. Rich in protein: Rabbit meat is a kind of meat with high protein and low fat, which is very beneficial to the dog’s body.

    2. Helps control weight: Rabbit meat is rich in protein and a small amount of fat. Compared with high-fat meat, it is easier to make dogs feel full. It is a good food for dogs who need to control their weight. s Choice.

    3. Easy to digest and absorb: During the production of freeze-dried biscuits, water will be removed, making rabbit meat easier for dogs to digest and absorb.

    4. Suitable for small dogs: Compared with beef and pork, rabbit meat is easier to chew and digest, and it is a better protein source for small dogs.


  • LSR-01 rabbit ear with chicken dog treat wholesale dog training treat oem healthy snack

    LSR-01 rabbit ear with chicken dog treat wholesale dog training treat oem healthy snack

    1.High protein content to meet the nutritional needs of dogs. Rabbit meat is different from other livestock meat. The protein content of rabbit meat is higher than that of beef, mutton, chicken and other livestock and poultry meat, and protein is necessary for muscles, bones, nerves, and skin tissues, so high-protein substances are good for both humans and dogs. Second, low fat, low cholesterol, to avoid excessive obesity in dogs. Everyone knows that dogs can’t eat greasy food, also...