Company News

  • Xincheng Food is Coming to Global Pet Expo 2023!
    Post time: 06-27-2023

    The Xincheng team is excited to see you for another year at Global Pet Expo, happening on March 22-24 in Orlando Florida. Members from our leadership, product development & design, sales, digital & e-Commerce and operations teams will be at the Xincheng booth all week. You’ll see some fam...Read more »

  • What are cat strips?
    Post time: 09-30-2022

    Cats are cute. Not only are they cute in character, but they are also cute in appearance. Cats are hardly ugly. Also, due to their arrogant and aloof dispositions, they resemble humans. There are many people who keep cats at home. During the breeding process, cat shop ow...Read more »

  • What are the daily maintenance of pet dogs
    Post time: 09-30-2022

    What are the daily maintenance of pet dogs? Nursing is an important means of emotional communication and can quickly build better trusting relationships. The care and grooming of pet dogs includes grooming, grooming, grooming, bathing, grooming, and some ways to prevent ...Read more »

  • How to eat dry and wet pet food
    Post time: 09-30-2022

    For years, pet owners have debated whether dry or wet food is better. First, you need to understand the pros and cons of dry versus wet food. Dry food is usually pelleted dry food that consists mostly of grains with some added meat, fish, and other nutrients your pets ne...Read more »