LSV-01 Oem/ODM Pet snack chicken pack Kiwi fruit tablets to reward dogs with vitamin supplements

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Vitamins are essential elements for maintaining life and health. It is an essential substance for dogs to maintain life, grow and develop, maintain normal physiological functions and metabolism. Vitamins are no less important in dog nutrition than protein, fat, carbohydrates and minerals. Although vitamins are neither a source of energy nor the main substance that constitutes the body’s tissues, their role lies in their highly biological properties. Some vitamins are building blocks of enzymes; others such as thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin form coenzymes along with others. These enzymes and coenzymes are involved in the chemical reaction process in various metabolic processes of the dog. Therefore, it plays a very important role in the metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, inorganic salts and other substances in the body.

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The vitamin products for dogs produced by Xincheng Food Co., Ltd. are made of fresh fruits and fresh meat. Vitamin dog food is beneficial to the dog's nutritional balance and supplements the trace elements in the dog's body. Vitamin dog food can boost heart health in dogs. This essential vitamin helps puppies develop proper heart muscle and helps promote normal heart function in adult dogs.

Made of fresh fruits + fresh meat, combined with meat and vegetables, rich in nutrition
Handmade, no coloring, no preservatives, no additives


It can be used for training rewards, going out and walking around, and nutritional relief
The product is dried by high-pressure and low-temperature refrigeration technology, and nutrition can be preserved intact. Sterilized through a dedicated sterilization workshop, the product has been inspected layer by layer, and the product quality is guaranteed

A healthy snack, low in fat, high in proteins. Hot air dried. 100% natural. Store in a cool, dry place. After opening, store in refrigerator and consume within 7 days. Do not consume the oxygen absorber.



Our Team

Production Director MS Yang working 11 years
Quality Director Ms Ma Working 11 years
Develop Director Mr. Han Working 12years
Domestic Sale Director Mr. Sun Working 13 years
International Sale Director Ms. Sun Working 13 years
Customer Service Director Ms. Wang Working 10 years


about us

TEAM:The factory has special qualified team of 50 employees working in each procedure of the production . Most of them has more than 10 years of experience in their work

Material:All the raw material are from our own farm and the China Inspection and Quarantine registered plant。Each batch of material will be inspected after coming to the factory. To make sure the material we use are 100% natural and health.

Production Inspection: The factory has metal detection ,moisture test, High temperature sterilization machine etc. to control the production safety

Finished goods inspection: the factory has developed labouratory with gas chromatography and liquid chromatography machine also with all the machine used for checking of chemical residual and microorganisms.The process are checked and controlled from beginning to finished.

The third party inspection: We also has long-term cooperation with the third party test institution like SGS and PONY.This is to make sure the validity of all the result from our own lab

The company has its own 20 chicken farms,10 duck farms,2 chicken slaughter factories,3 duck slaughter factories,1500 tons per day




1.OEM package .You can have your own label ,printed and packed by us.

2.Custom products. we have the Chinese Pet Food Research and Development Center,cooperate with Japanese R&D Experts .

3.High and steady product quality. Start from 1998,have more than 20 years experience in the pet food production

4.On time delivery

5.Competitive price

6.Special after sales service team


Agent Evaluation

Xiang Xudong --Chengdu agents
"Luscious, what attracts me is not only the quality , but also its culture and connotation."

Zhou Jun --Beijing agent
"To grow with Luscious is my pleasure, we have same ambition, we hand in hand. "

Yang Long --Zhenjiang agent
"Luscious, bring me not only the good products, but also the market development assistance and promotion."

Wang Zheng --Ji'nan agents
"First quality products, cooperation mechanism in human achievement, cooperation and win-win."

Wang Pingxi Kootie --Pet chain Group founder
"China has many breast manufacturers, the first-class quality is Luscious, we have cooperated many years, trust each other ”

Hao Bo --Shanghai agent
"Luscious has the active and positive spirit, is worth our and the market’s trust."

Dong Qinghai --General Manager
"Luscious, is not only a brand, it is also the synonymous of health, safety, nutrition, I'm so proud for it ."


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