Liquid Snack

  • LSCT-01 High Quality Chicken Tube Bag Cat Treats

    LSCT-01 High Quality Chicken Tube Bag Cat Treats

    A cat stick is actually a liquid cat food that can be fed to cats as cat food or mixed with other cat food.
    First, cat bars are liquid cat food that both adult cats and kittens can eat. It comes in a variety of flavors such as chicken, tuna, salmon, and more. There are many ways to eat cat strips. The owner can feed the cat by hand and interact with the cat intimately. It’s more nutritious to eat with cat food, or pour into a bowl for the cat to lick.
    Secondly, the main ingredients of cat strips are all kinds of minced meat, such as chicken, fish, etc., which are generally fed to cats as snacks, so there is no clear requirement for the feeding time of cat strips. It is recommended to choose regular big brand products to feed cat sticks.