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The protein content of beef is several times that of pork. Beef has more lean meat and less fat. It is a high-calorie meat food. It is suitable for dogs to eat during the growth process, and dogs will not gain weight if they eat too much. The benefits of feeding beef to your dog are that it increases your dog’s appetite and promotes healthy development of teeth and bones. Beef has a variety of ingredients, including hind ham, brisket, tenderloin, thin slices, etc., each with its own characteristics. Dogs do not feel monotonous and dull. The firmness of beef is relatively high. Chewing more beef can also help dogs grow teeth and bones.

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Every piece of beef used by Shouguang Xincheng Pet Food Co., Ltd. comes from walking cattle on the natural grassland. The raw materials support traceability, and clearly promises to "eliminate inferior meat, contain no animal offal, and add 0 preservatives", which can make pet owners It is a safe snack that we can safely feed, and there is no need to worry about the occurrence of allergies or gastrointestinal discomfort after the dog eats it. The real beef grains also contain 38% protein, which is very beneficial to the dog's gastrointestinal absorption, and will also help the dog's physical health and hair health. The handmade + smoked and air-dried baking process ensures the nutritional content of the beef. After the low-salt fresh meat is smoked and dried, the beef fiber is clearly visible. It is full of natural meat flavor and is very chewy, which is very good for dogs. attractive. The packaging of the independent small can, the small can is sealed and stored, so there is no need to worry about the beef grains absorbing the air moisture and deteriorating. It is very convenient to feed the dog in the hand when training the dog, and it will not drop the slag. If you reserve snacks for the dog when you go out every day, It is also very convenient to carry.


Made from 100% pure beef/lamb meat。All the raw material are from our own farm and the China Inspection and Quarantine registered plant
Handmade, no coloring, no preservatives, no additives


It can be used for training rewards, going out and walking around, and nutritional relief
The product is dried by high-pressure and low-temperature refrigeration technology, and nutrition can be preserved intact. Sterilized through a dedicated sterilization workshop, the product has been inspected layer by layer, and the product quality is guaranteed

A healthy snack, low in fat, high in proteins. Hot air dried. 100% natural. Store in a cool, dry place. After opening, store in refrigerator and consume within 7 days. Do not consume the oxygen absorber.



Our Team

Production Director MS Yang working 11 years
Quality Director Ms Ma Working 11 years
Develop Director Mr. Han Working 12years
Domestic Sale Director Mr. Sun Working 13 years
International Sale Director Ms. Sun Working 13 years
Customer Service Director Ms. Wang Working 10 years







In luscious team heart, the small life who can not speak is worthy of respect and care, as a food production enterprise, we have the duty to convey the right pet values to consumers, to let them know how to choose the healthy and safe pet food, which we ascribe to the added value of the brand, is also the essence of Luscious products can be sold worldwide five continents.

"We held the thematic activities be too numerous to enumerate every year, in additional to the introduction of our products, more is to the pet owners spread of food safety, nutrition knowledge, let them feel that as they love their pets."
From here ,luscious goes to thousands of households, we pour the fear of love, a sunrise industry forward, into the life of the product, and like-minded people to create a brilliant career, quality is footstone for developing the vast market, is also the only proof that proof the confidence of Luscious .

After twenty years of efforts, at present, the products of luscious are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and so on ,more than 90 countries, selling more than 100 large and medium-sized cities in domestic market , which covers more than 2000 large-scale chain stores, more than ten thousands pet stores, and work with Luscious together, win-win is not only the business, and also the development for China pet industry contribution."

Agent Evaluation

Yang Long --Zhenjiang agent
"Luscious, bring me not only the good products, but also the market development assistance and promotion."

Wang Pingxi Kootie --Pet chain Group founder
"China has many breast manufacturers, the first-class quality is Luscious, we have cooperated many years, trust each other ”

Hao Bo --Shanghai agent
"Luscious has the active and positive spirit, is worth our and the market’s trust."

Dong Qinghai --General Manager
"Luscious, is not only a brand, it is also the synonymous of health, safety, nutrition, I'm so proud for it ."


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