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  • Post time: 06-03-2023

    Introduction: The ears of pet dogs in our country are not long, but the ears of some foreign breeds are relatively large and very long, such as Dachshund and Springer Spaniel.So which breed is the longest eared dog in the world?That would be Lou the Black and Tan Coonhou...Read more »

  • Post time: 05-17-2023

    Introduction: Pet dogs are very easy to vomit animals, we have raised dog owners know.But sometimes vomiting can not be careless, if not handled in time, it will lead to irreparable tragedy!Therefore, we need to understand the relevant knowledge.So what if the dog vomits?We still need to understa...Read more »

  • Eating more snacks for dogs may not be good for health?
    Post time: 05-08-2023

    Dog snacks have different effects, such as biscuits in addition to bad breath, meat snacks can supplement nutrition, chew bones also has the lightening and the effect of cleaning teeth, but it is important to note that the master dog snacks to eat many, will affect dinner, the dog may be picky ab...Read more »

  • Dear pet owners, have you got the correct way for dogs to eat snacks?
    Post time: 02-02-2023

    Humans like to eat snacks so much, not to mention greedy dogs. But how to eat is reasonable and healthy, this is what pet owners need to learn. Have you got the correct way for dogs to eat snacks? 1. Choose pet-only Pet owners should not give our dogs some snacks that we like to eat, such as cand...Read more »

  • What should I pay attention to when giving snacks to dogs?
    Post time: 02-01-2023

    When eating snacks for dogs, pay attention to the ingredients and see if the snacks contain various additives. Pay attention to the timing and choose the right time to give your dog a snack. Pay attention to the portion, snacks cannot replace dog food as the staple food. Pay attention to the ingr...Read more »

  • Essential Nutrients for Pets Do Pets Need Extra Nutrients?
    Post time: 01-31-2023

    Essential Nutrients for Pets Do Pets Need Extra Nutrients? Pet nutrition is a comprehensive subject about pet physiology, growth, disease resistance, pet food hygiene, etc. The branch of zoology that explains and analyzes the laws of survival and development of pets. It studies the species compos...Read more »

  • Dog food processing knowledge: a comprehensive interpretation of pet food classification
    Post time: 01-25-2023

    1. Compound feed for pets Pet compound feed, also known as full-price pet food, refers to the feed that is formulated with a variety of feed materials and feed additives in a certain proportion to meet the nutritional needs of pets in different life stages or under specific physiological and path...Read more »

  • Does your dog eat treats? Don’t think you can buy it with money, can you really tell the difference?
    Post time: 01-07-2023

    I believe that many people now pay great attention to the nutrition and health of dogs, and many people are willing to choose snacks for their dogs. It can also be said that snacks have helped the shit shovel officer to educate the dog to a large extent. Because when the dog just arrived home, ma...Read more »

  • Giving dogs “eating snacks and picking snacks” pays more attention. Don’t touch these 4 misunderstandings
    Post time: 12-31-2022

    I believe that everyone will buy some delicious dog snacks for dogs in the process of raising dogs. Some mistakes not to make when snacking! 2. Do not feed the dog treats indiscriminately Don’t give your dog snacks too often, let alone before the main meal, or use the snacks as a topping fo...Read more »

  • How to distinguish the quality of dog food
    Post time: 12-17-2022

    1. Look – first look at the surface, the surface is very smooth is basically not a good pet food, dog food is mainly made of meat, plus a combination of many other raw materials, contains a lot of meat tissue fiber, now many pet lovers It is very wrong to think that the surface of the parti...Read more »

  • Introduction to the classification of dog pet food
    Post time: 12-05-2022

    1. Daily food Daily food is the dog food that dogs eat for their daily meals. This food contains balanced and rich nutrition, which can well meet most of the nutrients needed for the growth and development of dogs. But you should pay attention when buying, according to the breed of dog you raise,...Read more »

  • What are cat strips?
    Post time: 09-30-2022

    Cats are cute. Not only are they cute in character, but they are also cute in appearance. Cats are hardly ugly. Also, due to their arrogant and aloof dispositions, they resemble humans. There are many people who keep cats at home. During the breeding process, cat shop ow...Read more »

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