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Brands of Shandong Luscious Pet Food Co., Ltd. : "Luscious”, “Kingman"

Our annual gross output value 500 million.
Export more than 400 million.
Domestic sales amounted to 30 million.
The factory covers an area of 250000 square meters, annual production capacity of 50000 tons, production value is one billion. 1500 workers .
This is xincheng---

Shandong Luscious Pet Food Co., Ltd. was established in July 1998, the main production is dried chicken pet food, not only best-selling in domestic, but also export pet industry in developed countries and regions such as Asia, Europe and the United States.we control product research ,development and quality excellence.

Yang Weihua

- Production director working eight years

"We have to produce food by human safety and quality standards, because pets are our family, providing them with ease, healthy food, we are duty-bound mission!"

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After more than ten years, Luscious team unremitting efforts, our products have been recognized by the majority of those who loving pet. In all kinds of pet food, Luscious brands glorious bloom: “most popular products ", "Best Popular Products "," affect China's Internet Pet Food Award "and so on.“Most popular by consumer,Best Popularity for products”
Honor tells the strength of Luscious and conscience, and the determination to manufacture high-quality pet food.

While we not only care about the health of the family pet, but also to convey a social enterprise big love pregnant.but also convery big love paregnant as a social enterprise.

20th April , 2013 Lushan Ya'an, Sichuan 7.0 earthquake occurred, when note the groups of rescue dogs fighting in the disaster area day and night , we feel very sad and want to do something for them. Soon, thousands of top cans and pet food are deliveried to the relief line, and supply for human faithful partner. Do our modest for those little warriors who risking their own life!

In xincheng team heart, the small life who can not speak is worthy of respect and care, as a food production enterprise, we have the duty to convey the right pet values to consumers, to let them know how to choose the healthy and safe pet food, which we ascribe to the added value of the brand, is also the essence of xincheng products can be sold worldwide five continents.

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Zhu Qingchun

- Marketing Manager working 9 years

"We held the thematic activities be too numerous to enumerate every year, in additional to the introduction of our products, more is to the pet owners spread of food safety, nutrition knowledge, let them feel that as they love their pets."

From here ,luscious goes to thousands of households, we pour the fear of love, a sunrise industry forward, into the life of the product, and like-minded people to create a brilliant career, quality is footstone for developing the vast market, is also the only proof that proof the confidence of Luscious .

Sun Hongxue

- Director of marketing working 10 years

" After seventeen years of efforts, at present, the products of xincheng are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and so on ,more than 90 countries, selling more than 100 large and medium-sized cities in domestic market , which covers more than 2000 large-scale chain stores, more than ten thousands pet stores, and work with xincheng together, win-win is not only the business, and also the development for China pet industry contribution."

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Xiang Xudong

- Chengdu agents

"Luscious, what attracts me is not only the quality , but also its culture and connotation."

Zhou Jun

- Beijing agent

"To grow with Luscious is my pleasure, we have same ambition, we hand in hand"

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Yang Long

- Zhenjiang agent

"Luscious, bring me not only the good products, but also the market development assistance and promotion."

Wang Zheng

- Ji'nan agents

"First quality products, cooperation mechanism in human achievement, cooperation and win-win."

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Wang Pingxi Kootie

- Pet chain Group founder

"China has many breast manufacturers, the first-class quality is Luscious, we have cooperated many years, trust each other ”

Hao Bo

- Shanghai agent

"Luscious has the active and positive spirit, is worth our and the market’s trust."

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Dong Qinghai

- General Manager

"Luscious, is not only a brand, it is also the synonymous of health, safety, nutrition, I'm so proud for it ."

Luscious, shared global, Nutrition +
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