Dear pet owners, have you got the correct way for dogs to eat snacks?

Humans like to eat snacks so much, not to mention greedy dogs. But how to eat is reasonable and healthy, this is what pet owners need to learn. Have you got the correct way for dogs to eat snacks?
1. Choose pet-only
Pet owners should not give our dogs some snacks that we like to eat, such as candy, dried meat, ice cream, etc. Because high-salt and high-sugar foods have a great impact on the dog’s body, hair loss is a superficial phenomenon, and some may cause tooth decay or oral problems. For the health of dogs, please choose professional dog snacks is the kingly way.
2. Can’t eat often
Don’t let the dog develop the habit of eating snacks from an early age, let alone let the snacks replace the staple food, otherwise it will only become more and more picky eaters. Snacks should be used as rewards when training obedient dogs, and don’t give them casual snacks at other times. It should be noted that you can’t give your dog snacks before meals, or use snacks as a meal’s topping. Put it in dog food and eat it together.
3. Eat snacks at a fixed time
Don’t feed your dog snacks at a fixed time every day. This will make the dog mistakenly think that it is a regular meal, and over time it will become resistant to the regular meal.
Once you don’t give the dog snacks at this time, the dog will threaten you to give it snacks by barking or acting like a baby, which is not good for character formation.
4. Control the amount of snacks fed
Eating too much dog snacks will affect the dinner, so it is best for everyone in the family to unify. It is recommended to release the amount of snacks for the day separately, so that everyone can take them from that place, which can prevent the dog from affecting the main meal due to eating too many snacks.
In addition, dog snacks should meet the basic nutritional and health needs, and different types of snacks can be selected according to different situations. Breast-feeding elderly can not eat too hard food, young people can choose food with rich taste for chewing, and can practice bite force.
5. Always eat a single snack
Too much snacks for dogs can easily lead to unbalanced nutritional intake for dogs, leading to obesity, and unreasonable snacks can also cause gastrointestinal problems for dogs.
In addition, the choice of dog snacks should also be diverse. Don’t just give dogs biscuits or dried meat snacks, you can choose some functional snacks: such as chewing gum, or cleaning teeth, removing dental calculus Functional snacks.
In addition to snacks, feeding dogs human food is also a taboo. Although human food is delicious, dogs like it very much, but after eating it, they may have various reactions due to intolerance.
High sugar content may cause tooth decay, periodontitis, etc.; high salt content may aggravate hair loss, tear stains, dull hair, etc.; oily food will make dogs angry, bad breath, obesity and other problems.


Post time: Feb-02-2023